Frank Thompson of Texas Mesquite Works transforms rough Texas mesquite hardwood into elegant accents for beautiful homes. Products include custom mantels, countertops, bar tops, and furniture as well as an array of home decor items.


Raised in a family of craftsmen in Tucson, Arizona, Frank Thompson began woodworking early in life. At age 12, Frank cut and sold mesquite firewood for a crew of college students in his neighborhood. The unique heartwood of the rough mesquite caught Frank's attention and he began to toy with small projects in his grandfather's shop. By age 18, he was building custom furniture and preparing mesquite planks for his future home's hardwood floors. 

In 1984, Frank moved to Houston, Texas to pursue a career in men's gymnastics. There he met his wife, Becky, and started his own gymnastics business. He continued to build furniture on the side. When a mesquite tree fell on family land near Eagle Lake, Texas in 2016, Frank picked up his chainsaw and began creating mesquite pieces once again. 

Today, Frank, his wife Becky, and their youngest, Josh, reside in Cypress, Texas. His three grown daughters, Rachel, Caroline, and Jacalyn, live in Houston and Nashville and are active in the family business as well.